25 years of professional experience.
Specialising in the Environment and Urbanism.

25 years of professional experience in Civil and Administrative Law, specialising in the Environment and Urbanism, with important success cases, enable us to offer our clients services tailored to their needs and an in-depth understanding of our different fields.

We have strategic alliances with prestigious legal professionals and firms, forming multidisciplinary teams in order to provide comprehensive legal advice to companies, private individuals, government bodies, associations and groups.

We would like to thank our long-term clients for putting their trust in us, and welcome those who are using our services for the first time. We are committed to working, now and in the future, with the same enthusiasm, determination, rigour and professionalism.


Pilar Martínez Abogados is a firm of lawyers with 20 years of professional experience. Our lawyers are registered in Madrid and Oviedo, our offices are in Madrid, and we operate throughout Spain. Our fields of work are Administrative Law, specialising in the Environment and Urbanism, and the areas of civil and penal law relating to this specialisation.

Our firm’s extensive clientele is based mainly in Madrid, although we also have clients in Asturias, Aragón, Galicia, Castilla y León, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura. In order to provide the best possible results and services for our clients, we maintain strategic alliances with professionals and legal firms which have demonstrated their abilities and worth in Mercantile and Labour Law.

Our own firm regularly works with a multidisciplinary team of professionals which includes economists, auditors, forestry engineers, architects, and specialists in the environment, agronomy and mining. These professionals act as expert advisers or provide information to the lawyers when required.

We work both for private clients, whether individual or collective, and for companies, forming long-term partnerships. Our legal practice follows these principles:

– In-depth, rigorous analysis
– Respect for the ethical and deontological standards of the profession
– Individualised client service and attention:
>With monitoring and personal attendance in court
>A professional opinion based on a relationship of trust between lawyer and client


We offer professional services in various áreas:

  • Legal advice.

  • Drawing up documents.

  • Preventative action to avoid future conflicts.

  • Appeals against government or administrative bodies.

  • Negotiation with different agents.

  • Representation in courts of law at all levels.

We have wide-ranging experience in:

  • Organising platforms, associations and groups of affected parties in the defence of their rights and common interests.

  • Specifically in the environmental field, managing the defence of the interests of groups affected by the restriction of their rights.


Administrative Law:

    • Environment.
    • Protected natural áreas.
    • Renewable energy.
  • Hunting.

  • Expropriations.

  • Governmental heritage responsibilities.

  • Urbanism.

  • Mines.

  • Water.

  • Forestry.


All areas of Civil Law:

  • Property.

  • Joint ownerships.

  • Joint ownership and management of private wild áreas.

  • Sucesiones.

  • Inheritance o Contracts and Liens.

  • Family.

  • Property claims and damages among private individuals.


Property claims and damages among private individuals:

  • Environmental Law and Urbanism




e maintain strategic alliances through specific collaborations with other professionals and law firms of proven competence specialising in Mercantile and Labour law, which will operate under our direction and control.
Our goal is to give our clients the best possible results and services in dealing with the problems which may arise in the judicial sphere.

We also have a network of professionals in different fields with whom we work regularly, enabling us to form multidisciplinary teams to deal with different cases and their particular needs, in order to offer our clients a better and more complete service.

This multidisciplinary team includes: economists, auditors, forestry engineers, agronomists, mining specialists, environmental engineers and experts, architects.


  • Adolfo Casero Alonso (Mountain engineer).
  • Adolfo César Díaz Rubio (Architect).
  • José Luis Barrio (Agricultural engineer).
  • Mauro Lomba Martínez (Architect).
  • Manuel López Nieto (Architect).

  • Enrique Gutiérrez Briones (Economist – VALTECSA).
  • Melissa Consultoría e Ingeniería Ambiental, S.L.

  • Domingo Gómez Orea (Professor Polytechnic University of Madrid and expert in sustainable development).

  • José Carlos Escudero García (Doctor in Biological Sciences and Professor at the University of Extremadura).

  • Enrique Encabo Terry (Architect).

  • Viable Capital Partners (VCP), is an efficient link between the business owners and the financial community in complex business situations, in which assets, corporate or real estate, are damaged, aged or subjected to instability, business restructuring or balance sheet refinancing, or alternatively on a start-up phase of its business development.




Our portfolio of clients includes private individuals, companies and corporations, associations, interest groups, collectives and platforms of those affected for the defence of shared rights and interests.


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