We are experts on environmental matters, in Government spheres, administrative proceedings and in the European Union, acting in courts at every level.
This subject also includes the defence of the owners of concessions (renewable energy, solar farms, waters, mines, quarries, hunting reserves, etc. )

Zoning Law

Our work in this area goes from the legal analysis of the impact of regulations to claims for owner compensation or fair prices in cases of hidden expropriation arising from these regulations
Success cases

We have achieved important professional successes in the defence of different groups and companies, given the limitations arising from the indiscriminate application of regulations in this sphere, which slash the rights of these groups without any compensation.

Examples of such successes include the annulment obtained from the Supreme Court of Decrees governing the zoning and management plans of Natural Parks and plans on the regulation and protection of species habitats. We have also had successful cases relating to LIC, ZEPA, ZEC, Red Natura, Directiva Habitats and others.

Our activities in this area have even included:
– Appearances before the European Commission to defend affected groups.
– Participation in the drafting of proposed regulations which consider the needs of different affected groups
– Preparation and assessment for parliamentary appearances on the subject.

Our work has led to notable successes when dealing with government bodies in civil claims brought against Autonomous Communities, winning:
– Declassification of public domain
– Declarations on the private ownership of wilderness areas included in the Catálogo de Montes de Utilidad Pública in favour of our clients

We have extensive experience, with very positive results, on forced expropriation for the construction of public infrastructure, ranging from annulments of the procedure to claims for fair price.
– Roads
– Town planning
– Drainage
– Powerlines
– Rural and forest paths
– Mines

We also have wide-ranging knowledge and experience in cases involving waters, mines, quarries, hunting reserves, in applications for and granting of concessions, their management, and penalties.

Disciplinary Law

All aspects of Disciplinary Law, whether administrative, contentious or penal, are dealt with in this office: cases of zoning, dumping, waters, wilderness, logging, reforestation and planting.

Zoning regulations and Disciplinary Law in this area, including the penal aspect of zoning offences, and urban planning and development, are an essential part of the activity of Pilar Martínez Abogados. We have directed the defence of important cases with a great impact on society.